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The Essential Guide to Measuring SO2 in Wine 

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Make sure that you're set up for accurate Sulfur Dioxide testing with this simple step-by-step guide.

Ensuring that the data represents the actual condition of the wine or juice is a vital part of successful testing. The accuracy and consistency of results depends on proper sampling, appropriate method selection, and effective execution.


Here is what we cover:

  • How Sulfur Dioxide affects wine quality
  • The necessary tools
  • How to use these tools to get accurate results

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Michelle Salisbury
Michelle is the Application Manager at Hanna. Based at our headquarters in Smithfield, RI, she leads the Applications team, which provides technical expertise for our customers. Michelle has a BS in Environmental Science and Management from URI. Michelle has been with Hanna for eight years, and can help across all of Hanna's full range of analytical instrumentation.