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The Essential Salt and Acidity
Automated Titration System


Our unique approach to salt and acidity titration allows you to measure both parameters in one sample with a single method using our Automatic Titrator (HI932) without the pains of ion selective electrodes.

Optimized. Easy. Fully Supported.


Our Unique Approach

Salt and acidity are two of the most important parameters in maintaining quality, consistency, and safety in food testing. Our Automatic Titrator (HI932) features linked method analysis so salt and acidity can be analyzed in one sample, in just a few minutes.

Our Salt & Acidity Food Package includes:

— Automatic Titrator - HI932C

— pH Electrode for TA - HI1131B
— Silver Billet Electrode - HI5148B

— Linked Salt / TA method
— Standard food methods 




Reagents and Solutions

— 0.1M Silver nitrate - HI70422 
—  0.1N Sodium hydroxide — HI70456 
— 4.01 pH buffer— HI7004C
— 7.01 pH buffer — HI7007C 
— 10.01 pH buffer— HI7010C 
—  1M KNOM3 electrolyte solution— HI7072
— 3.5M KCL electrolyte solution — HI7082

— Silver ISE 0.1M Standard — HI4015-01
— Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate — HI70401 
—  1M Nitric acid — HI70445 
—  Sodium chloride— HI70406 
— Electrode storage solution— HI70300L
— Cleaning Solution — HI7061L