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Download Your Advanced Fertigation Systems Information Packet.


We invite you to download our free information packet for a full run down of our advanced fertigation system. Get all the details you need to make an informed decision before you buy!

The HI10000 Fertilizer Injection System precisely monitors and controls fertilizer concentrations and pH for all types of hydroponics, greenhouse, and field agricultural irrigation applications.


You will get:

• System specs on the HI10000 system
• A sample installation proposal
• Information on our warranties and service plans


Download Your Information Package!


About Your Greenhouse/Agriculture Specialist
Mike Bogolawski, Senior Process Engineer of Hanna Instruments USA

" In addition to providing Growers the highest quality products for over 38 years, we at Hanna deliver unmatched support and service and we will work with you from product selection to final installation and training. Our goal is to continue to bring you the highest qualityproducts as well as continual service and support ensuring you the best results, saving time and money."

Want to talk to Mike directly?
Call his mobile at 401-744-4713 or email him at mbogowlaski@hannainst.com