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For being a Hanna customer. 

As a bonus for being an authorized Hanna Retailer, we will be launching a NEW Retail Store Locator on our Hanna website. We will be creating a friendly, Aquarium Retail Store Locator to help people find our retail partners. 

To ensure accuracy, we will need you to complete this form with the physical address of your store. By completing this form, you are giving Hanna Instruments consent to add your store information to our store locator map on hannainst.com.


If you have more than one store location, please submit this form for each of your store locations or email us at marketing@hannainst.com.

 All good things take time! As soon as our retail map goes live on our website, we will let you know! 


Please contact your Hanna Aquarium Retail Specialist if you have any questions!

Kevin Costa

Aquarium and Aquaculture Manager




Kevin used to operate an aquarium maintenance company and worked at local fish stores before working at Hanna. He is a passionate aquarium hobbyist who enjoys reef keeping and planted aquariums. He graduated New York University and received a graduate certificate in aquaculture from the University of Florida specializing in fish health.